Presentation design packages of Vogue Cigarettes

Make stylish women's Vogue Cigarettes produced the first exclusive artistic collection of its cigarette packs, which was decorated with artwork created by three artists in Moscow.

Images painted Pogorzhelskaya Maria, Anna Platonova, Olga Polikarpova.

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Vogue Cigarettes became the first hyperfine cigarettes upper class in our market. In USA Vogue is the most popular segment of premium light brand among women.

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"Fragrance of Vogue Cigarettes."

Long whether BAT will be able to retain the audience, attracted only new design tutus - a controversial issue. "Restarting not always led to increased sales of brands in the market have been instances where after reloncha sales volume remained unchanged" - Victor Stefashin comment.

Last year, the tobacco industry went immediately restart two cigarettes. Japan Tobacco International Company updated its Winston brand, by the end of the year its sales increased by about 40%. Quite another situation has been in BAT. Updated Java Gold has not been able to increase its consumer audience.

According to Viktor Stefashina, in the case of relonchem of great importance not only to advance the strategy, but purely technological issues. For example, if the smoker feels that after restart cigarettes taste changed for the better, he will almost certainly remain a consumer of cigarettes. If it does not, then, try a novelty, people returned to the products that they bought always.

Perhaps, in that sense, in February, BAT released to the market subbrend Vogue Arome. Above his creation of a research centre worked London company, which has developed a special recipe: tobacco used in cigarettes, marked flavours. Vogue Arome different and design package. Instead of habitual tobacco leaf on the package appeared image flowing pink silk.

It seems that these cigarettes family glamorous Vogue Cigarettes became the pinnacle of chic, which is always appeal to the company. Vogue Arome moving through naruzhku ", as well as through advertisements in glossy magazines. "We tried to convey the aroma of coffee in advertising - tells Maria Bezhanova. - For this special flavour used lacquer."

Sales of new cigarette started about a week later, after their presentation. In the case of Vogue Arome BAT has used the same reception as when moving Kent updated: the company agreed to sell cigarettes to women's very limited number of outlets. Initially BAT chose the 100-seat sales, which included premium supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, gas complexes. In many conventional shops in a number of cigarettes next to Vogue Cigarettes subbrendami Filter, Menthol, Ultra Lights, Vogue Slims BAT demonstratively left a blank space, hinting that it will soon be filled with novelty. The company claimed that, and will continue to adhere to the strategy of limited distribution of cigarettes.

Even in the price of BAT made it clear that Vogue Arome - "very exclusive product." If other family this brand cigarettes worth 40 - 45 rubles. (depending on the sale of seats), the aroma - slightly more expensive, about 47 rubles. While prove their exclusivity only at the expense of price - rather precarious path. For example, a competing brand Parliament super slims manufactured by Philip Morris is more expensive Vogue Arom e - about 55 rubles per pack of cigarettes.

However, a BAT has another advantage, which, it was hoped the company, Vogue Cigarettes will help strengthen its leadership position - as is the only flavored cigarettes this class. Maria Bezhanova confident that BAT would become a dictator of taste in this segment.

Competitors BAT has not taken such aggressive marketing steps, as Britons. For example, Philip Morris, and even changed the design of the stack of cigarettes Virginia, but only by the fact that last year introduced new rules preventing the dangers of smoking. The only thing that made Philip Morris, to be closer to Customers - eased their cigarettes. For example, Virginia Slims sooner had the parameters of the resin / nicotine 12 / 0.9 mg, and after re tutu became 10 / 0.8 mg (Vogue Cigarettes is still easier - in cigarette smoke contains tar and nicotine 7 / 0, 7 mg).

Another female producer of cigarettes, Korea Tobacco & Ginsen, is even greater threat to BAT, as its perennial competitor Philip Morris. The Korean company began selling in Russia, its women's brands Esse about four years ago. The breakthrough they had only last year, came out on top on the volume of imports of cigarettes in Russia. Of the 3 billion pieces of our market, the 700 million - Esse. Now they are approaching cigarette sales to Vogue Cigarettes in kind. According to the head of "Russian Tobacco Queen Maxima, this is because the company is working tightly with all channels of distribution, and the price of these cigarettes are about half the cost of Vogue.

Secrets of Vogue Cigarettes.

By 2003, allegedly Bezhanovoy, these cigarettes potrebitelnits received the largest share of its price ranges (above 29 rubles. For the stack). The direct competitors marks were from R1 Reemstma / Imperial Tobacco International and Virginia Slims production Philip Morris. In the same year, multinational manufacturing companies have realized the need for a rapprochement with the dense 18% of Russian fan of tobacco, placing women's cigarette production in Russia. This was quite logical in the context of increasing purchasing power and an increase in demand.

"Dear" segment began its rapid development. According to the research company Business Analytica, the share of premium cigarettes rose from 2.73% in 2002 to 5.59% in 2003 - m. Accordingly, the sale of cigarettes grew and the format of super slims. "Russian tobacco" has calculated that in 2003 residents of Russia vykurili 3.8 billion cigarettes, which at 1.82 billion more than a year ago.

"In the women's segment of cigarettes, a host of new proposals - recalls Maria Bezhanova. - Vogue Cigarettes could not remain unchanged among emerging temptations, new products." In BAT began to notice that Vogue Cigarettes is increasingly perceived as a classic, traditional cigarettes. According Bezhanovoy, it led to adult smokers to mark 30 years of gradually losing its relevance. As a result - since the beginning of 2004, the brand began to stagnate.

In BAT said that did not wait for the fall sales, and pre-prepared to relonchu Vogue Cigarettes. "Normally, cigarette companies restart their marks every 10 - 15 years, which is understandable: consumers used to the product, it requires new experience" - tells about the peculiarities of the market head of information and analytical services association Grandtabak Victor Stefashin.

To remedy the situation, BAT went to drastic measures. To placate Russian smokers, in the past year, the central office of the company in London has developed a new packaging design. Name of cigarettes moved up from the middle of the stack, and at the same time and appeared to foil inside the package. Internal Frame tutu gained trendy V-shaped notches (in the old version of the framework was direct). Owners Mark handwriting changed, "replacing" strict classics "to write on" frivolous elegance. " Enter touched the entire line of Vogue Cigarettes - Filter, Menthol, Ultra Lights. In doing so, the changes have not affected the product itself.

In August last year, the company began selling cigarettes updated. First, it faced a difficult task to invite friends Customers cigarettes, not otpugnuv them with a new packaging design. After that the new design was to attract a young audience more smoking. The company already has experience in restarting bonus Kent cigarettes. Then BAT acted revolutionary - seized from the sale of all the old packets and in a limited number of outlets selling cigarettes at the start of the new package. But at the time of restarting Kent, in the post-1999, the company had opportunities to go to such costs. Expensive cigarette smokers were then slightly, and the absence of major competitors allowed to save on advertising.

In the case of Vogue Cigarettes BAT decided to act cautiously - in the market with a large range of proposals any sudden movement could cause a negative reaction from consumers. BAT went to the trick. The first updated tutu ladies' cigarettes sold in colorful plastic packaging with the old design. Only by lifting it could see the novelty. In addition, most specifically for not smoking sharp postcard attached to tutus, soobschavshaya on changes in the look of Vogue Cigarettes.

A month after the opening of sales began advertising support "as a feather light" cigarettes. "Restarting maintained in 30 cities in Russia with the help of outdoor advertising, which was accompanied in the field of advertising sales" - says Maria Bezhanova. The company also has been used and tested channels moving - events in restaurants and cafes, PR campaigns.

In BAT did not disclose the cost of everything and revitalized brand promotion. "The image of direct contact events cost is high, but the costs of such actions are justified, coupled with a strong PR-support - Give advice from Catherine Sundukova BrandNew Momentum. - That is, even if the activities have enough for a narrow range of people, through secular chronicle of these events will learn the mass of readers. "

However, in order to the effect of these events has not been in vain, they need to be repeated again and again, with each subsequent event should surpass the previous one. As Sundukova believes that the record itself as an expert in secular, glamorous events, it is necessary to maintain fan interest very windy fashion.

Own minds and are trying to fashion rivals BAT. For example, Virginia brand of cigarettes produced Philip Morris, this year became one of the sponsors of Russian Fashion Week. A Korea Tobacco & Ginsen actively promoted Esse cigarettes during Moscow Fashion Week.

Yet at the Vogue Cigarettes has produced better make friends with the "secular crowd." "chapurinskogo style heroine - the new girl romantic time, confident and purposeful… Vernye satellites her life - transparent lace favorite cigarette smoke Vogue Cigarettes and rustle of the finest silk" - characterizes so "their girl" designer Igor Chapurin.

An estimated AC Nielsen, Vogue Cigarettes is now more than 30% of the market and is ahead of its opponents. True, the results are still OEMs within the statistical error: the market share of 1.03% of the total cigarette market in September last year rose to 1.28% in January 2005 - the first in 30 key cities in Russia, where the focus was support for the brand.

Vogue Cigarettes in the city.

In a series of sensational television series "Sex in the City" Kerry's heroine Bradshaw stated that it was "not a girl in the style of Vogue Cigarettes." Kerry, throughout the "soap opera" Marlboro smokers, it is true, had meant no cigarettes, a fashion magazine, which published her article.

However, the phrase could well apply to the homonymous with cigarettes. Indeed, the target audience of American luster and cigarette brand Vogue Cigarettes very close (though brand managers, and argue that the brand name has no relation to the magazine). It is for the modern woman stylish company Rothmans decided to create a new brand in 1987. Family brand consisted of two types - Vogue Filter and Vogue Menthol.

Two years later began cigarettes sold in Russia. First they tried dweller Moscow and St. Petersburg - the residents of these mega-cities are the main consumers of expensive cigarettes. No special achievements in Vogue Cigarettes sales in the first years of existence in Russia could not boast. Vogue audience was not as wide as it would be Rothmans. Russians smoked cigarettes traditional format, and those who wanted to stand out from the male crowd, cigarettes preferred class slims (6 mm diameter, 100 mm in length) - Salem, More, Pierre Cardin, later Virginia Slims. True, as is now manager of interaction with the media BAT Maria Bezhanova, until 1998 Vogue Cigarettes advertising support has been weak: Vogue Cigarettes maintained only in a limited number of cities.

The massive brand promotion began only after the 1998 Rothmans BAT acquired and added to the ladies' cigarette brands to its portfolio. British, who consider the Russian market engine of their sales, brand dostalas not in the best time. By definition, cigarettes class super slims positioned in the high price category. The Russian financial crisis of 1998, sharply reduced the number of the already small number of consumers Vogue Cigarettes . Sales then fell 4%.

Despite the sharp decline in purchasing power of the population, within a year of beginning BAT promotional campaign "Seasons" in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The main objective of the action was to recall and root in the minds of consumers' initial idea brand - Vogue Cigarettes and "refined tastes" created exclusively for women. The concept of the campaign was reflected in the outdoor advertising billboards - an elegant lady, not necessarily with cigarettes in their hands, but always at the forefront of slightly back at the man walking behind.

As a result, the proclamation of priority to women, men selling Vogue in a year grew by 117%. Within three years after this action on the Russian tobacco market Vogue Cigarettes were the only super slims format.

But these achievements seemed little BAT, and in 2000 the company tried to enter into the already "promoted" among women slims cigarette segment. But too late. I was unable to persuade smoking brands from its competitors in Vogue slims. Subbrend in total sales mark and still occupies a small proportion, and the leadership has Vogue Filter.

In subsequent years, Vogue Cigarettes advertising campaigns were no longer only in the two largest megacities, but also in 9 other Russian cities. Now, the company stated that Vogue - a cigarette, which help women to fluctuate, because you can choose from three varieties of stamps. And in 2003 this choice even increased - there Vogue Ultra Light (the low-tar and nicotine).

It was in that period BAT for the branding became partying in the capital's clubs. For example, the Vogue Kino Atelier was devoted to shooting the film "Three Colors ease" and in Vogue Foto Atelier invited guests participated in a photo shoot. "Through the involvement of" opinion leaders "- in this case, celebrities, which, a priori, and the characters are secular legislators in a secular fashion crowd, illustrates mark translated into his life philosophy - Catherine believes Sundukova, director of new business event-marketing agency BrandNew Momentum (works with the Japan Tobacco International). - Using "lawyers stamp" makes the premium image of a strong, backed by the events of real life people to "glossy" lifestyle of consumers who want to pursue. "

"In the five years between 1999 and 2003, sales volume rose in Vogue 4.5 times" - the so-evaluates the effect of investments in the promotion of BAT brands Maria Bezhanova, refusing to name brand market share in absolute terms.

Smell of glamour.

The efforts of British American Tobacco cigarette Vogue Cigarettes firmly linked in the minds of smoking with subtle way lady, secular lions. Until two years ago, this brand image helped retain the position of leader. And then it turned out that the classic style Vogue Cigarettes - the reason for the refusal of young buyers of this brand of cigarettes. From the effectiveness of the BAT on restarts Vogue Cigarettes will determine whether the brand will repeat the fate of Kent, who became the market leader after brand, or "Java Gold," not even uvelichivshey sales.

Rebrendingom Vogue company BAT agreed not to engage in idle traction to the glamour. Segment cigarettes super slims (thin cigarettes with a diameter of about 4.5 mm) was evolving rapidly. According to estimates of industry analysts Internet portal Russian tobacco "if last year in Russia were sold 6.27 billion cigarettes class super slims, this year may be weaker sex Trump has 9.5 billion pieces. On the heels BAT, the leader segment occurred uncompromising competitors. For example, Esse cigarettes produced by the Korean company Korea Tobacco & Ginsen, for a year and a half almost caught up with the Brits in the physical volume of sales in Russia.

In November ladies cigarette brand Vogue (owned by British American Tobacco) is conducting outdoor advertising under the slogan "a thin bar. rest too"

This is the third outdoor campaign Vogue Cigarettes in 2005 after campaigns in February and March.

According to widespread press service, since the beginning of 2005, growth in sales volume brands Vogue Cigarettes was more than 22%.

Model 6 x 3 posters have already been implemented in the memory violet-white colors c izobrezheniem petals of roses.

To date, "BAT" Russia is one of the leaders of Russia's tobacco market. According to the international research agency ACNielsen, in July 2005, the proportion of "BAT Russia" at the tobacco market was 20, 7%. The company owns three factories: "BAT-Java" (Moscow), "BAT"-St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) and "BAT-STF" (Saratov). In 2004, the company's sales volume exceeded 65 billion cigarettes.

New design tutu Vogue Cigarettes

Yesterday company British American Tobacco Russia began delivery of cigarettes at retail point of the main line of Vogue Cigarettes in an updated tutu.

Vogue Bleue, Vogue Lilas Vogue Menthe, and the new model will appear at the Russian stores at the end of August 2007, the first time they will be packaged in foil with a picture of the old design. Also in the stack of nested liners information on the changes in the basic line of Vogue Cigarettes. In mid-September launch of the updated Vogue Cigarettes will be supported by an advertising campaign in the press and points of sale.

Russia - the second since Ukraine's market, where three major version change Vogue Cigarettes. Updating stamp design happens in all markets "British American Tobacco."

"Vogue - one of the most popular in Russia, women's cigarette class premium." That's why Mark always strives to match the mood of its customers. becoming more modern and fashionable, Vogue followed its discerning tastes of the audience "- said Mark Herman, head of the department of consumer marketing" BAT Russia. "

Restarting only affect the external appearance of tutus, receipt, gum and nicotine content in Vogue Bleue, Vogue Lilas and Vogue Menthe remain the same. Maximum retail price updated Vogue is 44 rubles.

Mark Vogue first appeared in Germany in 1987 and in 1990, Vogue Cigarettes were represented in Russia, where cigarettes were the first super slims format on the market. During the first semester of 2007, Vogue took 8% premium segment of the Russian tobacco market and 18% of the growing podsegmenta super slims (AC Nielsen data company at the end of June 2007, the Audit Market Russia).

Vogue Cigarettes Factors

"As a result of a merger between British American Tobacco" with its American rival Rothmans International in 1999, the portfolio company replenished several excellent new brands of cigarettes through Vogue Cigarettes.

Famous Vogue Superslims and Vogue Superslims Menthol first appeared in 1987, in Russia, they began to spread in 1989. Mark Vogue Cigarettes has become the benchmark for "female" cigarettes in Russia. Mark continues year after year to increase sales volume and took a strong position in the "premium segment" of cigarettes among women.

In early 2005 lineup to the main cigarette brands Vogue - Vogue Lilas, Vogue Bleue and Vogue Menthe - added flavour version of Vogue Arome. First on the Russian market aromatic cigarettes format Super Slims enjoyed unprecedented success, and by mid-2006 the market was represented by an entire collection of fragrances already Vogue Arome.

In March 2007, running superpremialnoe proposal Vogue Blanche and Vogue Noire. This ultralight cigarettes, saturated deep, multifaceted flavor. When smoking Vogue Blanche effect arises coolness, and Vogue Noire - warmest effect.

Aiming to please and constantly surprising their pochitatelnits, Vogue Cigarettes brand of cigarettes in August 2007, announced a full upgrade image. Classic versions of Vogue Lilas, Vogue Bleue and Vogue Menthe suddenly appeared in today's expressive style. Despite the revised design, multidimensional taste Vogue Cigarettes remained the same. The new hidden impeccable image quality that is so valued pochitatelnitsy mark.