In offshoots or suckers as they are called, their appearance at the junction of the leaves and stems,
around plant roots, as a result of rapid growth that is caused by topping. In suckers can hardly be
seen only after the installation was on top when they come forward rapidly and will soon become
strong, vigorous shoots. Tatham said describing the pumping:
"The pump is redundant sprout who wont to his appearance, and shoot from the stem or
stem, near the intersection of the leaves with stems, and roots of plants, and, if allowed to grow
injuring the commercial quality of tobacco, forcing the separation of its food during the act
maturation. In the planter so thoroughly destroy these intruders with the nail of big toe, but in the act
topping. This excess of vegetation, as in the beginning, were often the subject of legal aid and
Policy support for the good name of Virginia product is dictated by the wisdom of criminal laws in order to
to maintain its goodwill with respect to the introduction of strangers who trade with it. "
In the maturation of suckers not only prove detrimental to the quality of the leaves, but delayed their size and
maturity and, if allowed to continue, prevents them from achieving their maximum possible growth.
[Example: suckers.]
In a large, strong plant growth suckers very title after reaching a length of six to ten
inches, and when fully grown bearing flowers as a parent stalk. After rising over time, they
becomes rigid and firmly attached to both stem from the leaves and stems that they broke up with difficulty,
Often leaves office with them. The growth of suckers, however, defines quality as well as
maturity of plants.
Weak, thin the plants rarely produce large vigorous shoots, the leaves of these suckers are generally small
And yellowish color. When the plant is fully ripe and ready for harvest at the suckers were found to be
actively growing around the plant roots. This surely is the best proof of its maturity, more
reliable today than any other, as he refers to maturation of the entire plant. Suckering plants in a hurry
maturing leaves, and gives a lighter shade of color, regardless of what soil the plants are grown. After
discusses some of the length of different parts of tobacco plants - stalks, leaves, flowers, capsules and the suckers we are
Now, on the properties of nicotine. The tobacco plant, as is known, produces a virulent poison known as
Nicotine. This feature, however, like others, as violent contains many articles of food, including
potatoes, together with its stalks and leaves, and the consequences that may be experienced by a small amount of chewing
of the latter. The new encyclopedia of Edinburgh said:
"The peculiar effect produced by tobacco use has some similarities with intoxication, and is excited to
essential oils, which in its pure form is so strong as to destroy life, even in very minute quantity. "
Chemistry teaches us that nicotine is just one of many of the principles contained in the plant. It
anticipated by many, but not substantiated by the chemical studies that nicotine is not flavor agent, which
gives the tobacco and its major varieties peculiar odor. These are most likely from the essential oils
which vary in amount in different plant species.
In the English writer said:
"Nicotine is unacceptable to the ordinary smoker, as evidenced by the increasing demand for clean pipes or